About Us

GCS Advisor is the crucial strategy consultant for Chinese stated own enterprises, enlisted companies and private enterprises on their investment decision in the Middle East. GCS Advisor provides investment suggestions for decision makers, and also ensures the execution of the strategy with our professional service.

Our consultants come across various fields closely linked to investment, such as finance, logistics, trade, manufacture, government relationship and legal. Their over 10 years work and living experience in the region is valuable assets for the investor, especially in business development and market trends.

Our Service

  • Industry accessibility and investment feasibility report
  • Business registration in the Free Zones
  • Business custodian service
  • Set-up of off shore company, special purpose company and trust company
  • VC and PE intermediate business
  • Dubai China Incubator Centre

Strong Networking

Our strong network secures the success of the business

Right Decision

We provide the best solution taking the background and actual needs of the investor into consideration.

Capital Docking

We dock the projects and investment from China with the Middle East via our strong network.

Business Incubator

We help investors to develop and incubate the business ideas via GCS Incubator Centre

One-stop Business Registration

We are the official agency for a couple of UAE Free Zones. It ensures the one-stop registration within the shortest time.

Guide you through a new land

How to set up a company?

Stage 1
1-2 weeks: Submit the proposal and prepare the basic documents

KYC and relevant application forms

Shareholder agreement

Business plan and feasibility report

Shareholders and board members passport copy

Stage 2
2-3 weeks: Prepare the legal documents

Board resolutions or shareholder resolutions

Authentication and notarization of the business license of the investor

Authentication and notarization of AOA from the investment company

Stage 3
1 week: billing and payment

Choose and rent the office or warehouse

Pay the rent and registration fee

Sign the lease contract and AOA

Finish registration process

END – The whole process lasts around one month, given all the documents are ready

You will receive the business license, shareholder agreement, AOA and other legal documents, when the whole process comes to an end. The company can therefore kick off the business, including applying for visas, opening bank account etc.

Our Products

Jafza Logo

Dubai Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) Company Registration

Jebel Ali Free Zone is the biggest and most successful free zone with port in the region. JAFZA provides 100% foreign ownership, 50 years of tax free, no limits on foreign employers etc..

JAFZA also has the biggest artificial port in the Middle East, providing great benefits of warehousing and onsite trading. JAFZA and DP World contributes up to 20% Dubai GDP, and 80% companies in JAFZA are in trade, 15% in manufacturing.

GCS Recommendation

GCS Advisor is JAFZA’s authorized service agency for China Market. We are experienced with Chinese companies in company registration, renewal and business management. Our clients enjoy convenience and efficiency by working with us.


Dubai China Incubator Centre

Dubai China Incubator Centre is owned by GCS Shanghai Investment Group and supported by China and UAE government entities. The incubator centre locates in JAFZA providing a great start-up platform. The start-ups in the incubator centre would benefit from GCS’s network and resources in China and the region, while the workshop and seminar in the centre would enhance the business development.

GCS Recommendation

Test the business ideas with small investment. Dubai China Incubator Centre is based in JAFZA, so that the SMEs enjoy the trading advantages such as financing, logistics. It helps develop the business in the early stage.


Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) Company Registration

DMCC is the only free zone in Dubai that regulates, promotes and facilitates trade across a range of commodities including gold, diamonds, pearls, precious metals and tea. DMCC issues license to major multinational companies, SMEs and start-ups in the commodities sector

GCS Recommendation

GCS Advisor is the official agency and service provider of DMCC. The authorization guarantees the speedy service. The virtual office product of DMCC could help reduce the cost massively. Meanwhile, the combination of office and residential area provides another possibility of assets diversification.


RAK Free Zone and RAKIA Offshore Registration

Ras Al Khaimah is a small emirate in UAE compared to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The government is innovative and progressive, developing its free zone and off-shore products as diversified as Dubai. It unique selling point is the cheap land and low admin fee. RAK is an important option for the investors.

GCS Recommendation

GCS Advisor is the official service provider of RAK Free Zone and RAKIA Offshore which gives our client a green light in the registration procedure. The off-shore company registration process can be done within a day, given all the required documents are available. The free zone company registration takes up to 1 week. RAKFZ is recommended to individual investor, as it is cost efficient.


Business Consulting

GCS Advisor offers feasibility report, market analysis and strategy development, conduct research and survey to capture the need from the client. The face-to-face consultancy would help build the trust.

GCS Recommendation

GCS Advisor provides policy analysis and consulting services to many provincial governments, and customizes the suggestions for the decision makers according to the understanding and experience in the region.


Trusteeship Management

GCS Advisor provides trusteeship management including staff visa, the third-party insurance, salary payment, accounting, logistic tracking, business license renewal and others related to company admin.

GCS Recommendation

After setting up the presence in the region, it is important but far from easy to deal with admin work here. The recommended suggestion is to outsource the admin work and enable sale team to focus on business development.

Our Strength

Fast Track

We are official agency of the many free zones, and granted the fast track. The normal company registration would be finished efficiently within the suggested timeline.

Expert Team

Our experts come from different backgrounds, such as investment and commercial banking, logistics, law firms, government entities, international trading, management consulting.


We have over 10 years experience in the region. We could help investors to understand the region with our strong network in the Middle East and link them to most valuable resources.

Financial Resources

We corporate with various financial institutions in the region, such as investment banking and commercial banking, as well as hedge fund. It helps the clients to open the market and establish a successful business model.

Incubator Centre

We run incubator centre and provide platform for creative ideas. You could have a nice office with a low budget. Our services cover basic day-to-day office management, while workshop and seminar offers a learning opportunity.

Halal Guidelines

Our expertise in halal standards, being crucial in this region, brings new ideas and knowledge for the trading and industrial investors. while halal standard is yet unified, our expert will help you to break through the market.

Case Study: Off-shore Company


It is the most standardized product. It only requires the basic information from the investors to set up a off-shore company.

You will receive…

  • The full set of documents for company registration
  • Bank account under the name of the company
  • Company registration service
  • Draft legal document and proposed company structure
  • Trusteeship management documents

Off-shore company is…

It is a special company form as foreign investors register business in the off-shore zone. It is allowed to conduct the business activities elsewhere other than in this country.

  • Enjoy free tax
  • Carry the tangible or intangible assets, such as company shares, property etc.
  • Set up family trust, and plan the future property distribution.
  • Own the bank account

Guide you through new land

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